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Catit 44473-Creamy Seafood [Hairball] - (5x15g)

Catit 44472-Creamy Salmon - (5x15g)

Catit 44471-Creamy Chicken & Liver - (5x15g)

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Quick Overview

High-quality cat treat with fresh ingredients


Only the best ingredients


Catit Creamy does not contain corn, grain, wheat or soy. No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives are used either. The treat has a limited set of ingredients and a single source of protein, which can benefit sensitive cats with allergies.

Healthy and hydrating treat with a creamy texture

It is essential to keep your cat hydrated, as it ensures proper kidney function and digestion. Supplementing your cat’s diet with Catit Creamy will help keep him healthy.

With taurine, essential nutrient for healthy cats

Catit Creamy contains taurine, an essential nutrient that helps your cat maintain a normal digestion, heart muscle function, eyesight and a healthy immune system. Cats have a limited ability to manufacture taurine in their bodies, so to keep healthy, they must consume food or treats with taurine regularly.