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Will My Shih Tzus Love Cat Treat?

Friday, December 23, 2016 4:11:30 PM Asia/Singapore

I would like to share my ‘Pet Story’ to Pets Kampong and anyone who reads my blog post.

Well, I have ‘2 sons’ (Shih Tzus)!! I named the older one ‘Good Boy’, a.k.a. ‘Boyz’ - the one with color combinations of White & Silver fur coat. Then my 2nd son is ‘Poppy’, a.k.a. ‘Bi Bi’ - the one looks like ‘Lion Dog’. They have been on Science Diet, Orijen & Merricks all along. Recently, ‘Good Boy’ has gotten bored with his dog food & treats recently so I am trying to investigate base on these 2 possible factors: ‘Digestive Issues’ or ‘Just getting bored of same food & treats’. He used to get excited about feedings but now will just sniff at the food, walk away, and maybe eat it a few hours later. For ‘Poppy’, he basically eats anything that we give to him so he is easy to take care of as compare to ‘Good Boy’. Therefore I decided to give it a try to purchase a pack of Cat Treat, ‘Fish4Pets Freeze Dried White Fish Cat Treat (57g)’ from Pets Kampong Website to find out the underlying factor of ‘Good Boy’ s reluctance to eat dog food and dog treat .

The video has proven how much they enjoy eating Cat Treats to my surprise. At least I can say that Cat Treat is ‘Yummy’ for my dogs and ‘Good Boy’ s does not have any digestive issues but just getting sick of dog food & treats at some point of time as he is more ‘Food Picky’ in nature as compare to ‘Bi Bi’. No matter what, it’s not a great idea to use Cat Treat as substitute for dog as I believe cat food is not best fit for dog since cat food is higher in protein than dog food and they have very different dietary requirements. So far my Shih Tzus do not show any symptom of upset stomach, diarrhoea & sickness although there are unlikely to be any long-term or serious side effects of a one-off cat treat binge.

In terms of unique behaviour, my ‘Bi Bi’ is totally out of the picture as his eating habit is slightly different from ‘Good Boy. I always call him a ‘Copydog’ as he doesn‘t have his own ways of thinking so he will always turn his cute Lion Face looking at how ‘Good Boy’ behaves and copy entirely all his reactions and movements. I‘m guessing he may be thinking that this is deemed as ‘Appropriate behaviour’, whether good or bad.

Here’s the context that I feel ‘Bi Bi’ has been entitled to ‘Copydog’:

1.) His fear originates from ‘Good Boy’ reaction -

E.g. He is a brave dog who does not fear anything until he observe ‘Good Boy’ is in a state of trembling and ‘Bi Bi’ becomes afraid of thunder ever since.

2.) He will urinate at the same exact spot as ‘Good Boy’ -

E.g. He will keep following ‘Good Boy’ wherever he goes and urinate together at the same location. The funniest part is these two naughty ‘sons’ seem to know to cover each other to prevent being spotted by us for ‘anyhow urine’.

3.) He will only eat until we will give them better food before eating - ‘Good Boy’ eating habit:

E.g. Usually ‘Good Boy’ will wait for any better tasty treats before starting to eat and ‘Bi Bi’ will follow suit. Another funniest part of ‘Bi Bi’ is that he will wait for ‘Good Boy’ to eat first before he starts to eat as if  he wants to ensure the food & treats that we serve are totally safe and edible before he proceed to eat.

That concludes my pet story for all of you, thanks.

Hope you like it.