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How My Puppy’s ‘Bark’ Has Inspired Me To View Life In An Unorthodox Way?

Friday, December 23, 2016 4:11:53 PM Asia/Singapore

My ‘Bi Bi’ has a proud-looking face and has light-golden hair above the nose growing upward and mouth curving downwards, creating an unhappy "Lion" face, sometimes I called him ‘Lion King’. He is easy to train and as cute as little buttons with their unique underbite and ‘little-dot’ nose.

The video shows how much he loves to bark for TV as he cannot differentiate between real or fake person. I have always been trying my best to show him my body language that this is something intangible and not worth for his bark but to no avail.

He always barked randomly in scenarios such as barking at the mirror, in his sweet dream, & TV. The most funniest part is that he is always on behalf of me to ’scold’ my older Shih Tzu for misbehaving from my body expression. I was very surprised as I did not train him for that body posture xD 

What I remembered the most was his bark at the window out of a sudden during midnight and I thought he could sense ‘Spirit’ since I saw no one in helf-sleep mode during the first year. I have taken a year to discover that he did not know clearly deep in his mind what he was barking at and for what reason before the incident of barking at the TV at 2 years old onwards.

Thanks for his ‘bark’ lesson, I seem to understand more about his illogical behaviour and how to view life in an unorthodox way to get insights.

That brings me to the end of my Pet Story, thanks for your patience in reading my blog.