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Crabbie Acquaintance – Available At Pets Kampong

Friday, December 23, 2016 4:12:00 PM Asia/Singapore

My name is Rainbow Crab, I am a bright and colourful animal. I have bright reddish orange legs and purplish blue shell (carapace) and my colour does not fade as I grow. It is normal that the colours of males are brighter than females. My full grown size can be up to 4 inches across the carapace and my lifespan is averagely 3 to 6 years.

I am originated from the natural habitat of the west coast of Africa residing in holes or between large stones of the riverbank and many potential pet owners see me as an ideal and fascinating pet.

I am not overly fussy about food and I am pretty much known as a scavenger with a wide variety of diet including fruits, vegetables, bloodworms, crab pellets and fish. Foods that are high in calcium are beneficial to me for good shell growth.

I will moult the exoskeleton every few months when young but as I grow older it may only happen once or twice a year. Before moulting I will refrain from eating sometimes for weeks and when I am ready I will look for a safe shelter away from disturbance to start moulting process. Please do not be alarmed if you see me black in colour or with missing limbs, these is because it will take a few days for me to regain back my original colour and condition. At this point of time it would be good to supplement me with high calcium foods like egg shells, cuttlefish etc.

I am basically a land crab, so for setting up housing, you can use glass or plastic tank big enough to put some stones, rocks, hiding cave or shelter and some soil or substrate for the base. You can provide me with either fresh or brackish water. If using tap water, be sure to add some de-chlorination water conditioner first before you put me in.  As I am a Land crab I cannot be submerged for a long period of time, by providing enough resting place above the water level would be great.

These are the basic requirements I need if you intend to have me as a pet. I am sure you will find me adorable and enjoyable as your good pet.