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8 Surprising Benefits of Owning a Dog

Friday, December 23, 2016 4:09:00 PM Asia/Singapore

There’s no doubt about it, a dog is a man’s best friend. They make us happy, they comfort us whenever we are feeling down, and they’re always there for us no matter what. While it is a big commitment to get one because of the sudden lifestyle adjustments, these dogs make it worth your while.

Aside from having a lifetime companion, here are a few more perks of having your own furry friend.

1. More exercise

Walking your dog will instantly motivate you to exercise, without you even realizing it. A 30-minute walk every day can boost your health, lowering risks like cardiovascular diseases, and will get you in tip-top shape, in no time.

2. Less stress

Many studies have shown that having a dog can decrease stress levels. Simply playing with them or watching them act silly can reduce stress hormones and make you feel calm and happy.

3. Improvement on your social life

Dog owners tend to have more friends because you get to interact with strangers who’ll strike up a conversation about you and your dog, and even with other dog owners you’ll meet around your neighborhood. This advantage can help you get a date or better yet, gain a new friend who shares a common interest with you.

4. Resistance to allergies

Families who live with a dog at home have an increased immunity system, making them less likely to have allergies and can recover from sickness faster compared to others.

5. Easily detect cancer

Scientific studies have shown that dogs have an amazing sense of smell that they can easily detect cancer by simply sniffing on a mole or lump from your body. If you happen to notice them always sniffing or licking a specific spot on your skin, better head to the doctor’s office and have it checked out to confirm if it’s cancerous or not.

6. Mood booster

Dog owners are less likely to feel depressed because caring for a dog requires a routine that makes you active and encourages you to be more positive. The love you receive from your canine friend increases the amount of oxytocin - a ‘feel good’ love hormone in your body, and can help overcome depression.

7. Feel safer

Dogs have a keen sense of hearing, making them an effective home security system. They have this sense of responsibility in protecting their owners, especially when they notice that there is an unwanted person approaching. And even if you only have a small dog, the feeling of having a companion makes all the difference.

8. Learning responsibility

If you plan to get yourself a dog soon, you know that you must be responsible as if this is your own child. These pets require a lot of care and training - and that takes a lot of discipline. In every step of the way, you will learn values like understanding, patience and discipline, which can all be applied in our daily lives.

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