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The Kampong Spirit Lives on With Us

The Kampong Spirit Lives on With Us

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The Kampong Spirit Lives on With Us

By Pets Kampong


  • The essence of the kampong spirit – in sharing and caring for one another – is one that we hope to inspire in the community of pet lovers.

  • As one of Singapore’s leading pet stores, Pets Kampong is more than happy to serve your needs.

  • Our highly trained staffs are both skilled and ready to share our knowledge with you, and to answer your questions when you need assistance.

  • When we care for your pets, we treat them like they are our own.

  • Grooming Services and our recommendations for pet care products are based on our in-depth knowledge of pet needs, and are conducted by experts in the field.

  • We also share latest developments in the world of pets, freshest news about our stores, humorous and entertaining pet videos, and expert tips on how to care for your pets.